The Inside Scoop - January 2018

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  • Dec 27, 2017
  • Series: St James Connect Newsletter (Monthly)

Kids’ Ministry Pre-Registration 2018

We are trying something new with the registration of kids for Kids’ Ministry in 2018.  We are giving you the opportunity to pre-register your child to alleviate the congestion at the beginning of the year.  If your child was registered in 2017 and we have your correct email address, then you should have received an email in which to confirm your child’s details or make any corrections. 

Thank you to those who have done this, and can I ask those who haven’t, to please take the time to do so.  It will make your life and ours much easier.  When it comes to registration (Sun 21st January) you will just need to sign a consent form and then you are done.

Thank you for your co-operation and help in this regard.

Have a blessed Christmas and holiday time.



St James Memorial Garden

St James, with the help of generous donations from some of our members, has been able to create a special memorial area to honour our deceased loved ones.

The area we have chosen is in a secluded and private area of the church, away from passing traffic, serene, yet safe and secure.

Memorials matter as they help us to recognize that our loss is real and to acknowledge that someone has died.  They are a way of paying respect to that person, and are stepping-stones from the past to the future.  In fact, they serve to link generations. So, we thought that the best and most practical way to do this is to put up plaques to perpetuate memories and also provide a focal memorial point for family and friends.

So, in order to ensure conformity and equality, we have decided to standardise the size of memorial plaques.  This necessitates that they will be ordered through St James from the same supplier and using the same material to ensure no loss is perceived to be greater or lesser than any of the others. With a size restriction, the wording on the plaque is somewhat limited, although we believe there is enough space for a personal message and a verse of praise.

The cost of making a plaque is around R150 depending on the wording, so we ask that should anyone wish to have one made in memory of a deceased loved one, we would ask for a donation or contribution of any amount – but unfortunately not less than the R150.

Should you wish to know more about how to go about ordering a plaque and sizing, wording, etc. please check with the info desk in the main foyer. You can also speak to Phil Savides ( ), Jean Machill ( ) or any of the pastoral staff.

GriefShare is for anyone who has experienced the death of a family member or friend. Our next grief support group will be starting on 23 January 2018, and will run over 13 weeks on Thursdays.  If you have any questions about Griefshare please contact:  Philip Savides at the Church Office or email. .


Mission Accomplished!

What a year it has been! Almost 12 months ago we accepted the challenge of our Presiding Bishop to reach 500 new people with a meaningful gospel conversation. At first it seemed an intimidating task. But the challenge alone pushed us to re-evaluate our structures and rediscover a new sense of urgency. How thankful we are for that push!

As part of our response to the REACH 500 challenge we launched ‘The First 100 days’ program. This was a way to ensure that visitors to St James didn’t fall through the cracks, but were offered a journey that would help them to feel at home as they found out more about us and had a fresh look at the good news of Jesus. After running the first 100 days each term, we have connected with 180 people new to St James. But the benefits of REACH500 were seen long before people stepped onto our campus. REACH500 helped us reimagine our relationships as opportunities for gospel conversations.

Here are some of our experiences: “Last Saturday coming home from Port Elizabeth on the plane l had an amazing gospel conversation with the person seating next to me. Thank you.” ;  “While waiting for my lift at St James church Iast night, I  had an opportunity to speak to a lady who questioned me about St James and what time the services were. I also told her about our midweek bible studies. She said she used to go to the Baptist Church. I then took her details including her email address which I gave to Jean.”; “I had a good conversation about where my colleague is in terms of his beliefs. He used to attend a Catholic church with his gran, but didn't understand the meaning behind all the rituals. He went to Asia a few years back and explored Buddhism, which further confirmed his suspicion in the traditional practice of religion as opposed to understanding. At the moment he believes in treating others as best you can. I would like to follow up with him and invite to him gospel events in future.”

We are thankful too, to the Lord, for His hand being on these Gospel initiatives during 2017:

* Launching our ‘First 100 day’ journey for those new to St James

* Our new staff member Cameron Shabangu and our new student church plant ‘Red Post’

* Significant growth in Children’s ministry numbers

* Having Donne Daniels join the team as a Children’s ministry apprentice

* Equipping the church with testimony training through our mid-week groups

* Three new ‘gap year’ students on the Thrive program

So, we can say with confidence that as a congregation we have well exceeded the goal of 500 gospel conversations. Thank you for partnering with us in 2017 for the sake of the lost and the glory of God. Now that we have seen what God can do, we ask you to join us as we move towards 2018 full of confidence, gratitude and joy.