Bible Study Notes & Materials 2016

Midweek studies


Deuteronomy - The One and Only

 “The One and Only - For many Christians the book of Deuteronomy is a closed book. For some this is literally true because they simply do not read it. For others this is figuratively true because though they read it, they find it hard to understand and even harder to apply to their own lives as Christian Scripture. And yet as we hope to see in our study of Deuteronomy, this Old Testament was foundational in the lives of the LORD’s people and remains a very important book for the church. For the simple fact is that the LORD whom we meet in the Book of Deuteronomy is our God, the One and Only God who gave His One and Only Son so that we might know Him and by His grace find and enjoy the blessed life, the very gift that the book of Deuteronomy offered then and understood in the light of the gospel still offers today.”

Study 1: Introducing Deuteronomy PDF 
Study 2: Learning From History PDF
Study 3:
Words of Life PDF 
Study 4: The Law of Love PDF
Study 5:
Conquest! PDF
Study 6:
Grace! PDF
Study 7:
Response PDF


The Book of Jonah - The Reluctant Prophet

For many of us the story of Jonah is familiar, at least in broad terms. Jonah the prophet is told by God to preach to the great city of Nineveh, the imperial capital of his day. To our surprise however Jonah promptly heads in the opposite direction, only to be pursued by the LORD, cast overboard in a great storm, swallowed by a great fish, vomited onto dry land, and having it seems learned his lesson, finally agrees to fulfil his prophetic calling. And yet even then something seems wrong, for Jonah’s mission to Nineveh results not in the judgement that the LORD threatened (and which it seems that Jonah welcomed!) but in repentance on the part of the Ninevites and a seeming change of mind on the LORD’s part – much to Jonah’s great displeasure. Suddenly a book which seems so simple raises all sorts of questions, questions which as we shall see search our hearts and challenge our attitudes toward those who do not know God

Study 1: God's World; God's Messenger PDF
Study 2:  Jonah’s repentance PDF
Study 3:  A Remarkable Turnaround PDF
Study 4: A Searching Question PDF


Faith that works!

As Christians we understand the importance of faith in our relationship with the Lord. We are saved through faith in Christ and are called, day by day, to stand firm in this same faith. In the letter of James, it is particularly this second aspect of saving faith that is in view. As we shall see from our study of this important letter, saving faith is a faith the stands true in time of testing, a faith that changes the way we live from day to day. Join us for our study of James as we find out what it means to have a faith that works!  

Study 1: Introducing James PDF
Study 2: Responding to trials PDF 
Study 3: Facing Temptation PDF 
Study 4: Listening is doing PDF 
Study 5:  Playing Favourites PDF
Study 6: What is true faith? PDF 
Study 7: Taming the tongue PDF 
Study 8: Wisdom from above PDF 
Study 9: An Urgent Warning PDF
Study 10: Patient Endurance PDF
Study 11: Faith at work PDF


 Selected Psalms

Study 10: Psalm 73 - Seeing things God's way. PDF
Study 11: Psalm 8 - Human dignity and God’s glory PDF
Study 12: Psalm 37 - When evil people prosper PDF
Study 13: Psalm 13 - When God's seems far away PDF


Six Steps to Encouragement

All our study groups will be doing the Matthias Media material "Six Steps to Encouragement" in the first term. As this material is under copyright by Matthias Media it is not available on our website. If you need further information as to how to access the material please contact the church office or your Bible Study leader.