Central Small Groups (CSG)

A wise person once observed that the larger the church is, the smaller it must become.  This pithy saying was not intended as a vote of no confidence in large churches, but a recognition that Christian growth happens best in the context of community.

One of the ways in which we at St James are trying to foster growth in community is through Central Small Groups (CSG).  CSG happens on Wednesday nights on the St James campus.  The evening starts at 7.30 pm and consists of discussion in table groups, a wrap-up talk and a time of prayer, again in table groups.  Each table group has two facilitators whose task it is to make you feel welcome, keep the discussion on track and to encourage pastoral care within the group. The wrap-up talk is done by a trained member of staff.  The evening ends at 8.45pm.

Although some do make CSG their long-term Bible Study and Fellowship group, CSG is ideally a stepping stone to one of our Home Groups that meet around the Peninsula.