Discovering Christianity

Discovering Christianity is a seven-week course that we run specifically for those who want to come to terms with some of the fundamental matters of the Christian faith.  The key subject in the course is dealing with the matter of humanity’s separation from God and the urgent need for that relationship to be restored.  In dealing with this matter, items such as the problem of sin, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the new birth (being born again) and a restored relationship between God and the individual are dealt with.  In the final session, we deal with the much misunderstood subject of what a Christian truly is.  In essence, a Christian is a “follower of Jesus Christ  -  a saved sinner”.


During the course, groups of about eight people are seated at a table with, generally, two table leaders. The leaders facilitate questions and difficulties encountered during the course.  Often, friendships are forged, and we encourage one another in the normal activities of everyday life.  On many occasions, we share everyday pleasures and joys of life at the tables.


The course is informal. We encourage people to interact with the speaker during and after each session. No question is considered inappropriate. In fact, we go to great effort to ensure that nobody attending the course feels uncomfortable.  We realise that people who want to know about the Christian faith can be confused about the matter, so we respect all questions and comments.


The course begins at 7.30pm and ends at 8.30pm but, normally, discussions of the night’s subject continue informally.