Bible Study Notes 2010 - 2012

Philippians - Together for the Gospel

Over the next few months our focus in our mid-week Bible Studies will be on Paul’s letter to the Philippians. This letter written from prison to a church that Paul was instrumental in founding is full of profound teaching about God’s faithfulness and the extraordinary humility and service of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is also full of challenge to put Christ first in our daily lives and to work together for the gospel. Join us as we study Philippians and learn to “rejoice in the Lord” (Philippians 4vs4)

Philippians - Study Notes

Study 1 - Introducing Philippians PDF
Study 2 - Paul's prayer PDF
Study 3 - Gospel Progress (Part 1) PDF
Study 4 - Gospel progress (Part 2) PDF
Study 5 - The Servant King PDF
Study 6 - Children of God PDF
Study 7 - Model Partners PDF
Study 8 - Rejoice in the Lord! PDF
Study 9 - Standing Firm! PDF
Study 10 - Mind, Heart, Life PDF
Study 11 - Joyful Partnership PDF

Essentials - Study notes

Study 1 - Listening to God PDF
Study 2 - Speaking to God PDF
Study 3 - Speaking for God PDF
Study 4 - meeting God's people PDF

Wisdom for Life

There is no doubt that the process of decision making is a difficult one for all of us. Some decisions are of course trivial and we make them without thinking twice. Others are far more significant and we agonize over what we should do, and sometimes feel paralyzed and unable to decide. We value the freedom and responsibility that goes with decision making, but at times we wish that someone would simply tell us what to do.

Being a Christian does not remove the responsibility for decision making nor does it make the process any easier. In fact at times it makes it harder because we find ourselves asking what the Lord would have us do. We wish that the Lord would simply reveal His will directly, but the Lord expects us to use our God-given minds. It is at this point that the Wisdom Literature of the Bible – books like Proverbs and Ecclesiastes – have an important part to play in our daily life. They are designed to teach us how to think correctly about our world and how to live in a way that is 'in-step’ with God’s design. In short, they are designed to give us wisdom for life!

"Wisdom for Life" Study Notes

Study 1 - Creation and Wisdom PDF
Study 2 - The search for order PDF
Study 3 - Paradise Lost PDF
Study 4 - Wisdom in many places PDF
Study 5 - Wisdom in Israel PDF
Study 6 - Words of Wisdom (part 1) PDF
Study 7 - Words of Wisdom (part 2) PDF
Study 8 - Words of Wisdom (part 3) PDF
Study 9 - Old Testament Wisdom PDF
Study 10 - Wisdom in a person (part 1) PDF
Study 11 - Wisdom in a person (part 2) PDF
Study 12 - Wisdom in a person (part 3) PDF
Study 13 - Wise through a person PDF
Study 14 - Gospel and Wisdom PDF
Study 15 - Gospel and Wisdom (part 2) PDF

The Gospel of John


The Way of Life
The Gospel of John can rightly be called the Gospel of Life, for it tells us of One who is the Life and who came to bring the light of Life to a world trapped in the darkness of death. It also shows us the way of Life, the means by which we can pass from death to life and thus live forevermore.

Study 1 - Introducing John's Gospel PDF
Study 2 - The Word made flesh PDF
Study 3 - The Messiah Introduced PDF
Study 4 - The New Age PDF
Study 5 - Entering the Kingdom PDF
Study 6 - The Saviour of the World PDF
Study 7 - The One equal with God PDF
Study 8 - The One equal with God (2) PDF
Study 9 - The bread of life PDF
Study 10 - Confusion and Conflict PDF
Study 11 - Children of God PDF
Study 12 - Children of God (2) PDF
Study 13 - The Good Shepherd PDF
Study 14 - The Life Giver PDF
Study 15 - The hour has come PDF
Study 16 - Love made plain PDF
Study 17 - Soon to depart PDF
Study 18 - The Way PDF
Study 19 - Another Counsellor PDF
Study 20 - Remain in Me! PDF
Study 21 - Hated without cause PDF
Study 22 - Return to the Father PDF
Study 23 - Priority in Prayer PDF
Study 24 - Arrest and Denial PDF
Study 25 - Jesus on trial PDF
Study 26 - It is finished PDF
Study 27 - Lord and God PDF
Study 28 - Feed my sheep PDF