Bible Study Notes & Materials 2015

Term 4

Homework for CSG - Selected Psalms:

Wednesday 18 November - Psalm 32 PDF
Wednesday 25 November - Psalm 33 PDF


About a Slave – Paul’s Letter to Philemon

Despite its brevity, Paul’s letter to Philemon is perhaps the least read of all the letters of the great Apostle. Part of the reason for this neglect may well be that the letter is tucked away in the New Testament, wedged between Pauls’ famous Pastoral Epistles (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus) and the great letter to the Hebrews, a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Part of the reason may be that Philemon, at least on the surface of things, does not seem to deal with any major doctrinal or ethical teaching. It is a personal letter from Paul to his ‘friend and fellow worker’ Philemon (vs1) about Onesimus a slave who had fled from Philemon’s estate to Rome where he had become a believer. Touching stuff perhaps, but hardly material for serious study and reflection.

And yet, the presence of the letter in the New Testament tells us that there must be more to it than this. And so there is, for as we will see, this short and remarkable letter provides a blueprint for reconciliation and for new attitudes in the gospel to those whose socio-economic status in the world is very different from our own. It certainly reminds us that in the church there is neither slave nor free, but that all are equal and one in Christ Jesus.  Without doubt an important message in our biased, snobbish world.


1. Study 1 - A Thoughtful Greeting PDF 
2. Study 2 - A Thankful Prayer PDF
. Study 3 - A Life changing Appeal PDF
. Study 4 - A Fair Request PDF


The Sermon on the Mount

The New People of God

Focus Matthew 5:17-7:12

1. Study 1 - Jesus and the Scriptures PDF
2. Study 2 - The Angry Heart PDF
3. Study 3 - The Lustful Heart PDF
4. Study 4 - The Faithful Heart PDF
5. Study 5 - People of Truth PDF
6. Study 6 - The Radical Disciple PDF
7. Study 7 - Children of the Father PDF
8. Study 8 - Secret Generosity PDF
9. Study 9 - How not to pray PDF
10. Study 10 - The Lord's Prayer PDF
11. Study 11 - Fasting PDF
12. Study 12 - Treasures of the heart PDF
13. Study 13 - Don't worry ! PDF
14. Study 14 – Don’t Judge! PDF
5. Study 15 - The Father who gives PDF
6. Study 16 - The Two ways PDF 
17. Study 17 - The wise response PDF

The Good Life – a fresh look at the Beatitudes

Focus Matthew 4:12-5:12

The Beatitudes are perhaps among the best known words spoken by Jesus. They are directed to followers of Jesus and present those who have come to see Jesus as king with both the challenge and the encouragement of belonging to His kingdom. Since Jesus’ kingdom is radically different from the kingdoms of this world, the Beatitudes, like the Sermon on the Mount which they introduce, call disciples to a radical new way of thinking and acting. Since Jesus kingdom is a kingdom of peace and righteousness, the Beatitudes remind his followers of the Good Life, Life as God intended us to live it.

1. Study 1 - Behind the Beatitudes PDF
2. Study 2 - True Repentance PDF
3. Study 3 - The Great Reversal PDF 
4. Study 4 - A Healthy Appetite PDF
5. Study 5 - Mercy for the Merciful PDF
6. Study 6 - The hope of the pure PDF
7. Study 7 - The Family of the Peacemakers PDF
8. Study 8 - The Joy of the Persecuted PDF
9. Study 9 - Witness to the world PDF