Bible Study Notes & Materials 2017

Term 4 - CSG, Home Groups & Studies for Women


Selected Psalms

Psalm 51 - Have mercy on me, O God PDF 

Psalm 133 - How good and pleasant it is! PDF


Gospel and Kingdom

Welcome to Gospel and Kingdom, a series of small group Bible Studies designed to teach how the Bible fits together and thus how the whole Bible should be read and understood as Christian Scripture.

As the word ‘how’ implies, Gospel and Kingdom is a skills course intended to equip us to be better interpreters of the Bible. But that does not mean that the course is without practical life application for as Jesus reminded the religious authorities of His day, the point of all Bible Study is that we should come to Him (John 5:39,40), trusting in Him as the only Saviour and submitting to Him as the only Lord.

1. Study 1 - All Scripture PDF

2. Study 2 - What is written... PDF

3. Study 3 - Kingdom and Creation (1) PDF

4. Study 4 - Kingdom and Creation (2) PDF

5. Study 5 - Rebellion PDF

6. Study 6 – Pardon and Restoration PDF

7. Study 7 - Promise and Fulfillment PDF

8. Study 8 - Slavery and Freedom PDF

9. Study 9 - The Place of Blessing PDF

10. Study 10 - Kingdom PDF

11. Study 11 - Restoration PDF

12. Study 12 - Your Kingdom come! PDF


Selected Psalms (end of term 2 study)

Psalm 46 - God, our strength and refuge PDF


Making Sense






As Christians we know that the Bible speaks to every part of life, to our deepest needs as well as our everyday decisions. But we don’t always how to make sense of daily life in the light of what the Bible teaches. In our series ‘Making sense’ we look at a number of important Biblical and practical issues such as money, relationships, work, family, contentment and personal change to mention just a few. Join us for these studies as we work hard to understand the Bible and see its relevance to every day life.

Study 1 – Making sense of change PDF

Study 2 - Making sense of money (1) PDF

Study 3 - Making sense of money (2) PDF

Study 4 - Making sense of politics PDF



2 Thessalonians - Living in the light of Eternity

2 Thessalonians is Paul’s follow up letter to the church in Thessalonica. It is designed to strengthen and encourage believers to persevere in their walk with Christ, especially in the face of growing opposition and persecution. It is also designed to instruct believers about the return of the Lord, correcting wrong thinking on the one hand but also urging every believer to see life in this world in the light of eternity and thus to live lives that are pleasing to the Lord as we wait for His glorious appearing.

1. Study 1 - Introducing 2 Thessalonians PDF

2. Study 2 - Understanding the times PDF

3. Study 3 - Responding to the times PDF

4. Study 4 - A Pattern for Life PDF



Selected Psalms

Psalm 110 - The King at God’s Right Hand PDF


Reach500 Testimony Focus

Week 1: My Testimony, His Story PDF

Week 2: Conversation vs Presentation PDF







Firm in the Faith

Election, Perseverance and the Return of Christ – these are just three of the important doctrines that are dealt with in Paul’s first letter to the believers in Thessalonica – doctrines that remain as relevant and important to Christians today as they were when Paul first wrote about them. And of course in typical Pauline fashion, doctrine always leads to conduct, with the result that 1 Thessalonians is also filled with clear and challenging instruction in how to live day by day as we wait for the return of the Lord and seek to witness for Him in a hostile but spiritually needy world.  

Studying 1 Thessalonians is refreshing, challenging and encouraging. It is certainly something worth doing and we would like to invite you to join us week by week as we study together and experience the word of God at work in us, among us and through us.


1. Study 1 - Introducing 1 Thessalonians PDF

2. Study 2 - A true work of God PDF

3. Study 3 - True Gospel Partnership PDF

4. Study 4 - Living to please the Lord PDF

5. Study 5 - Hope for the grieving PDF

6. Study 6 - Children of the Light PDF

7. Study 7 - Church Alive! PDF