There is no doubt that a godly marriage and family life are an important testimony to the fact that Jesus is alive and that He is Lord, that what we say about His forgiveness and His love and His return is gloriously true! Sadly there is also no doubt that marriage and family life are under pressure today, even among those who profess to be Christians.

That is why we at St James Family Works are so grateful for God's Gospel. The Gospel is about forgiveness and change by God's power and it reminds us

That a marriage can change
That a teenager can change
That relationships can be real
That secret sin can be broken
That fear can be defeated
That a stony heart can be made soft
And sweet words can come from a once acid tongue
Loving service can come from a person who once was totally self absorbed
Homes can become places of safety, love and healing
Change is possible because Jesus has come!

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.  (2 Corinthians 5:21)

Family works consists of a close and dedicated group of individuals who take responsibility for the various aspects of this ministry.

The following fall under the Family Works umbrella:

Pre-marital Counseling
Marriage Courses
Marriage Enrichment Weekends
Marriage Counseling
Parenting Courses
Relational Courses
Divorce Care
Divorce Care for Kids



Baptism is the sign of the faith the church professes. Baptism is a symbol that differentiates Christian people from those who choose not to follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Baptism preparation takes the form of studying prescribed materials, attending two classes and meeting with a member of the pastoral team. For further information about baptism, please contact

Pre-marital counselling / Marriage preparation classes

The structured part of the marriage preparation course takes 8 weeks and consists of 6 group sessions on Tuesday evenings, covering various relevant topics and issues, and 3 face-to-face sessions. During the face-to-face sessions, you'll meet with a counselling couple in their home to work through the material in greater detail, at a mutually agreed time and date.  After the course, there should preferably be a period of about one month during which you will meet your marriage officer, as and when required. These meetings will also include the rehearsal.

Pre-marital counselling / Marriage preparation Resources:

1. Embracing God’s design

1.1 John Piper-Male and female He created them in God’s image.

1.2. Mark Dever- Gender roles in the family-Genesis 2:20-24

1.3. John Piper-Marriage: Pursuing Conformity to Christ in the Covenant-Ephesians 5:21-33

1.4. John Piper-Staying married is not about staying in love-Genesis 2:18-25

1.5. John Piper-Staying married is not about staying in love  Genesis 2: 18-25

2. Roles within marriage

2.1 John Piper-The Beautiful Faith of Fearless Submission 1 Peter 3:1-7

2.1 John Piper-Lion Hearted and Lamblike- The Christian husband as Head  Ephesians 5:21-33

2.2 John Piper-Lion Hearted and Lamblike –The Christian husband as Head   Ephesians 5:21-33

3. Communication and conflict

3.1 CJ Mahaney-Cravings and Conflicts-James 4:1-2

3.2. Paul Trip-War of Words: Getting to the heart for God’s sake

3.3 John Piper –Marriage: Forgiving and forbearing

4. A theology of sexuality

4.1 Mark Dever-Wisdom for the married-The message of Song of Songs

4.2 Al Mohler-An Evangelical Theology of Sex-Genesis 2

4.3 John Piper-Sexual relations within marriage-Hebrews 13:4-5

4.4 Al Mohler-Reproductive Techniques and Contraception-Henry Forum

4.5 John Piper-Marriage is meant for making Children-Ephesians 6:1-4

4.6 Andy Davis-Children are a blessing from God-Psalm 127


5. Money 



5.1 John Piper-Enough for us-abundance for every good work

The Marriage Course

How to build a healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime

Most couples come into marriage with big expectations. As they leave their wedding through a shower of confetti and meander off into the sunset, they cannot imagine ever not wanting to be together. The long-term reality is different and, potentially, far better. How can we be happily married to one person for the whole of our lives? How can we discover and rediscover sexual intimacy? Full of practical advice, The Marriage Course is easy to follow and is designed to prepare, build and even mend a marriage.

The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions designed to help any married couple strengthen their relationship.

The course includes:

Building strong foundations

The art of communication

Resolving conflict

The power of forgiveness

Parents and in-laws

Good sex and love in action


Leading and Loving and The Heart that makes a Home

This is a 12-week video series for husbands and wives. This is not simply a video course, but a life-changing process for those who are serious about marriage!


Leading and Loving - A Look at Biblical Manhood

"Leading and loving. It's one of the most confusing issues men face! What does it look like to lead your family ? Should you be assertive and in charge? Or should you be the strong, silent type? And what if your wife has more God-given leadership ability than you do? Should you defer to her?..."  This series is aimed at teaching you how to lead your family with confidence.


The Heart that makes a Home - A Look at Biblical Womanhood

"It's what every wife longs for. To draw closer. Become more intimate. And enjoy a richer, more rewarding marriage with the man of your dreams. Fortunately, that's exactly what God wants for you. And He has a plan to help you get there..."  This series will help you discover precisely what the role of the wife was designed to be. Not according to our culture. Not according to psychologists. But according to the unchanging truth of God's Word.



Nuy Valley – Marriage Enrichment weekends


Marriage Enrichment 101

How to teach couples the Bible principles of how to:

1. stay in love,
2. talk that your partner wants to listen and  listen that your partner wants to talk
3. tear up the problem and not your partner
4. overcome sexual differences


Marriage Enrichment 102 - Love and Respect Conference

At the Love and Respect Marriage Conference, couples will discover the answers to 3 major questions based on Ephesians 5:33.  When suddenly the issue isn’t the issue, what is the issue? How is your spouse best motivated God’s way? What unexpected rewards come to a person who acts on Ephesians 5:33? This conference is working towards the discovery to these questions.”



What does your spouse really mean when reacting negatively? A wife wears pink sunglasses and a husband wears blue sunglasses. God made them male and female. This colours what each sees and explains the reactions.


Knowing another’s deepest need is the key to motivating that person. Because God made us male and female, He has revealed a powerful truth about what best motivates a husband and wife.


Five unexpected rewards come to that spouse who understands why there are negative reactions and grasps how to energize the marriage God’s way – even when a spouse is less responsive.


Marriage Enrichment 103 - Love that goes Beyond Words


Uncovering the secrets of sexual intimacy in marriage is not intended to make you feel guilty for what you have or have not done, but rather to help you pinpoint what goes on in your brain and in your relationship with your spouse so you can have an active, fulfilling sex life.




House or Home

Eight Essentials for Building a Close-knit Family

We all long to be deeply connected with our families. However, for most of us this longing goes largely unmet and our hearts ache because of it.  House or Home takes you step by step through Ephesians 5:21-6:4, and explains what it takes to become a family that is not only close, but has the strength and stability to weather life’s storms. From a thorough exploration of God’s design for marriage to key issues of parenting and discipline, you will be helped to gather the tools and follow God’s blueprints for building a family that loves and lasts.


Effective Parenting 

In nine life-changing sessions, you’ll learn how you can be an effective parent no matter how defective the world is you live in!

We live in a time of unprecedented challenges for parents.  The world seems more defective than ever.  But the truth is that God has been working in the lives of young people from defective situations for thousands of years.  And He longs to do the same in your life. With penetrating truth and sincere honesty, Chip Ingram shares the life lessons from his personal experience of raising four children.  He describes his failures and the challenges of teenage rebellion.  And he reveals how the hand of God worked through it all to draw everyone in his family safely to God.

SESSION 1-4: Over-arching principles that will change your understanding of the role of the parent and the role of God in the process

SESSION 5-7: Practical lessons on discipline including a biblical understanding.  How to use discipline, and the all-important attitudes that parents must maintain.

SESSION 8-9: Five Smooth Stones for parenting.  With the overwhelming supply of information on parenting, these sessions give parents simple keys they can cling to when the going gets rough.