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Mammas & Munchkins is for those who find themselves in that  ‘phase of life’ where they are either trying to have a baby, are pregnant, have recently had a newborn or are dealing with the terrific twos.

Even though most moms are all going through it together, there were many tough moments too which at times it can be completely overwhelming.

So, in an attempt to connect with the many mammas at church and in our hood, Mammas & Munchkins run regular meetings reach out to moms on the same journey. It's open to all moms.

So Mammas & Munchkins is a place where Moms with babies and toddlers can come to on the first Saturday of every month and talk about all things baby-related.

A place where you are free to encourage, learn and share our daily struggles and joys. 

A place where the mamma next to you will really understand what you are going through!   A place where all mammas and munchkins can feel part of a greater church family!

Every month they have a different theme, with a craft or activity to do with their munchkins. Quality time is spent with them while friendships are fostered as mammas encourage each other.

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More info contact: Kirsty   |  076 875 1219